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Consent for treatment other than parents


If someone other than parent/legal guardian will be bringing your child/chidren to future appointments, a notarized note from you giving permission for that person to consent for dental treatment is required. We have two notary publics on staff and will be happy to provide that service for you at no charge!


Can I Come Back with My Child During their Visit?


Both Dr. Ragsdale and Dr. Blackburn want to make your family as comfortable as possible. After having tried both ways - always having parents accompany their children and very rarely having parents come along - they have found that most children are less stressed and have a better experience when they proceed through their dental journey in the loving care of the wonderful staff at our office. That being said, if you are uncomfortable with your child taking this journey without you, the Drs. will be happy to have you accompany your child.


For treatment, many children experience some level of anxiety. We have found that most children respond better to a single person helping them understand, accept, and even enjoy their treatment. This is why we ask that you allow your child to have this experience with the doctor. If you are not comfortable with that situation, we would ask that when you accompany your child you allow the dentist to take the lead during the appointment so that your child is able to focus on a single voice. During sedation visits this is especially important.


Parents are always invited back for the exam after their children's cleaning and for the visits for their very young children (usually ages 2-3 and under). This allows Dr. Ragsdale and Dr. Blackburn to chat with you and discuss any findings from the exam so you can evolve a treatment plan together.


Both Dr. Ragsdale and Dr. Blackburn have had extensive training and clinical experience in pediatric dentistry, with specific attention to child psychology, behavior guidance, and dentistry for special needs patients. The wonderful staff here will assist them in helping your child to not only feel at ease, but to have fun!


We hope you decide that you are comfortable having your children experience their dental journey with our staff and allow us to build that relationship of trust and independence with them.


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