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Routine dental care

NO SHOT DENTISTRY!  See the Laser tab.



At Growing Great Grins, we are huge believers in conservative dentistry.  If we can watch a tooth instead of filling it, we will.  If we can carefully clean a tooth and do a sealant instead of filling, we will.  If we can use our laser to make your child comfortable without local anesthesia (the dreaded shot), we will.  If we can safely do a large filling instead of a crown, we will.  If we can save a tooth instead of taking it out, we will.

This extends also to our philosophy for sedation (see more in the sedation tab).  If we can take some extra time to work with a child instead of sedating them, we will.  If they are still developing their self-soothing abilities and we as a team (you and us) agree that they would benefit from sedation, we will present the most minimal sedation options to help your child relax and enjoy their experience.




OUR AMAZING TEAM + A LITTLE MORE TIME: We book our operatory     appointments  with more time than we really need to just drill and fill a cavity.     We do this so that the amazing people we have selected to be a part of our    dental team will have time to get to know your child (if they haven’t met before)    or re-connect with them (if they have).  They also have time to sit and show your   child all our fun toys and have them ask questions and feel comfortable in    the operatory space.


MOVIES!  When it comes to dentistry, a distracted child is a happy child.  To this end,    we have televisions mounted opposite our operatory chairs, and also on the    ceiling. In the hygiene area we play movies continuously (a mix of current    favorites and older classics).  In the operatories we have the child pick from our    extensive library of kiddo movies for the movie they will watch during their    treatment.


COMFORT: BLANKETS, PILLOW ROLLS, CUSHIONS.  We want your child’s     experience to be as easy and comfortable as possible.  We have blankets if they    feel chilly.  We have pillow rolls if they would feel more comfortable with a little    neck support under our special pillow (headrest).  For the little ones who don’t    quite fit into our chairs yet, we have cushions specially designed for our chairs to    support the little ones and help them rest comfortably while we work.


NITROUS OXIDE.  Laughing gas is a wonder for helping many children and adolescents   deal with the minor to moderate anxiety that many people feel when they get    dental work.  See the sedation tab for even more information.


OUR MAGIC GREEN MACHINE.  This is our amazing laser.  With this wonderful laser   we are able to do many procedures with a minimum of discomfort.  We are able    to do many fillings and other procedures with no need for local anesthesia (or    “the shot”).  We are also able to do many soft tissue procedures (frenectomies,    etc.) with a special topical anesthesia (wipe on numbing agent) only.  See the    laser tab for more information.


WHITE DELIGHTS: FILLINGS.  We are proud to offer white fillings to our families.  We   also have the older-style silver fillings available.  Please ask our dental team to talk with  you about the pro’s and con’s of each so you can make a fully informed decision on   what is best for your family.


GIVING KIDS A WHOLE NEW TOOTH: CROWNS. Sometimes a cavity gets  too large, and doing a filling becomes inadvisable.  Large fillings which cross front-to- side-to-back margins on a tooth have a much greater chance of failure than the normal  more contained fillings we recommend.  So for those teeth where the size or depth of  the cavity has grown too large for a filling, we are happy to offer crowns (i.e., caps).

  There are many options when it comes to crowns.  If your child needs a crown,   talk to Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Ragsdale about your choices.


SAVING THE SICK TOOTH: PULP THERAPY.  When teeth have extremely large  cavities, sometimes the cavity will extend down through the tooth to the pulp area,  where the blood vessels and nerves live.  For those teeth, a simple filling or crown will  not keep the tooth from possibly developing a dangerous infection.  Then we need to do  “baby root canals” (the big dental words are pulpotomy or pulpectomy).   This  treatment is a last ditch effort to save the tooth; and keeping the natural tooth is the  best way to hold space open for the permanent tooth.


SAYING GOODBYE TO OLD FRIENDS: EXTRACTIONS.  Sometimes, sadly,  cavities progress too far to be able to safely keep a tooth in a child’s mouth.  For those  teeth which are damaged too much by trauma, or develop infections beneath the tooth,  or teeth which just will not come out for love or money, extraction is the safest option.   This is the procedure that children are often the most anxious about, and it is the fastest  thing we do.  We can help your child manage their anxiety and then celebrate with them  when it is all finished and they have done a great job!


FILL THE VOID: SPACE MAINTAINERS AND PEDI PARTIALS.  Once a tooth has  made an early exit from a little friend’s mouth, we sometimes need to take steps to fill  the space where the tooth was to keep the other teeth from shifting too much.  In these  cases, a space maintainer can help hold that space open until the permanent tooth is  ready to come in.  Sometimes a front tooth has to come out very early and parents may  want an option to fill the space in a natural looking way.  For these families we have  pedi partials, an appliance which fills the space with natural looking teeth.


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